True customer care is the most significant trend in 2020: how can a business show they care?

Translators Family blog: Customer care

Quality, usefulness, and time-saving are crucial factors to engage existing customers and attract new ones.

How can a business show they care?

  • Usefulness. Expert articles with life hacks related to your products are a great solution. However, don’t forget to post some useful articles not related to your sales. For example, a baby food company can post a complementary feeding plan or a video of a classic home massage for babies. It’s helpful, it really works, people will be grateful. Share your business tricks and tips – it will bring much more benefit than steadfast advertising of your goods and services.
  • Quality. You can also adapt all your materials for different audiences. The creation of content that is equally accessible to everyone – both in meaning and in the form of perception – is an important stage of promotion. Keeping in mind that some people cannot distinguish information from hearing, subtitles should be made for video and audio materials. In addition, it is worth dividing people into visuals and verbals and forming a different content plan for various places. Instagrammers won’t appreciate too long posts, but accurately designed carousels with short notes are a great idea for them.
  • Time-saving. Several big articles per month and small but capacious posts is an excellent decision. Think over which questions the reader may have and answer them: contact information, opening hours, discounts, delivery, the ability to order online, and price – these details should always be in sight.


As Google experts say – “content is king”

Remember this and manage your publications with care. PS: Did you know that Translators Family can help you out with your multilingual content? Get in touch now to discuss your projects.