How to optimize website pages to attract new customers

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How to optimize main website pages to attract new loyal customers?

People are spending an increasing amount of time online, and it’s getting harder and harder to draw their attention. Even when they’re already on your website, you still need to convince them to share. Landing pages aren’t usually used for registration, but they help attract customers through thoughtful design, text, and a clear strategy. If you set up your landing pages properly, you can easily turn potential customers into buyers. Most importantly, think of your site as a storefront that should greet customers, save them confusion, and help them find the right product.

Explain your value briefly and clearly

For maximum results, you need to clearly explain the value of what you offer on your landing page. It doesn’t matter at all whether you’re promoting a manual, a set of templates, or an online event. The text should be clear, concise, and understandable. Be sure to avoid professional jargon – words only you and your team understand. Communicate in the language of your audience – in the same wording. Ordering professional copywriting is becoming more and more popular because people no longer want to waste time on something they are not good at. They are willing to order a service from someone who will do it much better and faster.


Tell users what data they must provide in exchange for content, how it will solve their problem, and what exactly they will get

Your landing page determines your first impression, so think about the fears and pain points of your typical customers. Be transparent – give clear and similar information upfront, especially when it comes to things like additional fees that can scare customers away.


Use videos to get attention

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Add the right images and videos to your landing pages – this will attract attention and increase conversion rates.


Simplify navigation and add a clear CTA

The goal of a landing page is to convince customers to give you information in exchange for content or a special offer. Therefore, there should be as few navigation elements as possible, and the call to action should clearly convey the value of the offer. CTAs such as “Download” or “Sign Up” are better placed at the top, middle and bottom of the landing page so that users are immediately aware of where the next step is, which will also boost the conversion rate. I also recommend trying personalized or smart calls to action.


Do not forget about the language of the end user

Nothing can help you if the text written in another language contains errors. Make sure to order localization services and do not scrimp on translations. All texts on the website should be written with a heart with a focus on search engine algorithms. Create a text that is enjoyable to read and easy to get through – this is an art that should be entrusted to experienced professionals.