How can you maintain your business right now?

Translators Family blog: Business 2021

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 The world of marketing is changing every day, alarming or surprising us, but always providing us with new ideas and trends. Today we’re going to tell you what you can do for your business right now to help it in the future.

Master the Instagram stories 

Instagram and Facebook offer users the opportunity to share stories. Moreover, stories have always enjoyed great popularity among social media fans. Here are some statistics: 

  • 500 million people watch and use Instagram Stories every day 
  • More than half of Instagram users became interested in the brand after they saw it on an Instagram Story 
  • Half of Instagram users say they are interested in buying a product because they saw it on Stories 

Start today, and over time it will become a useful habit, tailor-made for business.


Carry out an audit of social networks and focus on those most important

Considering the latest update of Facebook indicators for 2020, there is reason to believe that it has stopped its development. Therefore, reducing the range of social networks to focus on what works for your audience is likely to become necessary in 2021. Choose several social networks and generate content specifically for them.


Write an EAT-style article

E-A-T – one of the most important criteria, which Google uses for ranking brands and sites. It stands for: 

  • Expertise: your pages must have good quality content written by an expert in the field. 
  • Authority: you need to instil the authority of your brand in this industry. 
  • Trust: your site must be linked to other reputable sources in this area. 

Write an article today on what triggers and hooks you the most in your industry. 


Hire a specialist in interactive content

Interactive and interesting content is a trend that has developed rapidly in the last year. Since our life is moving online, consumers want to replace personal interaction with brands as much as possible. Among the applications of interactive content are: 

  • Quizzes and debriefings 
  • Technology augmented reality 
  • Virtual reality in advertising 

The main thing is to attract the consumer and offer him an unforgettable service. For example, online stores allow you to find out the exact size of a product using online calculators. Think of a scenario yourself or hire a professional to bring your business to life. 

These simple steps will help you strengthen your business without much effort. If you don’t have enough time, energy, or imagination to generate content – you can turn to us. We can create, translate, and adapt any content for any of your needs. Get in touch!