Why subtitles are so important for your videos?

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Why you need subtitles?

Subtitles are intended to accompany videos in the original or translated version, reproducing and sometimes supplementing the information of the movie or program. Let’s figure out why subtitles are important.

Customer Care

First of all, it is customer care. Subtitles are primarily useful for hearing-impaired audiences. It is important to make your services accessible to everyone.



Furthermore, the scripts that you add to your videos are taken into account by search engines. So when people search for something similar to your video, it will be processed by search engines along with web pages. For the best results, you can add keywords to the subtitles. So you can promote your business with subtitles.



Subtitles will also increase the popularity of your video. People who do not speak your video language will be able to understand it thanks to the translated subtitles. Your video will become more interesting not only to potential customers in other countries, but also to people who are learning the language.

Subtitles facilitate the perception of the material. People can watch your video in public places (in the library, cafe, transport, and so on) without disturbing others. Thus, by adding subtitles to the video, you take care of your viewers and increase your audience.

We, at Translators Family, offer the creation of subtitles and their translation into multiple languages. Let’s get started today!