6 times when you need pictures in your article

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Visualization helps to attract attention and explain concepts more quickly and clearly. Instead of dozens of verbal examples, it is far better to show a scheme once. There are six cases when an illustration is necessary. 

Too much text 

A solid canvas is uncomfortable to read. It is tiring to read and discourages you from reading the text at all. So, we needed some thematic images where the brain will rest and reload. 


You can drone on about what the price consists of for five paragraphs, or you can make a coherent picture in the form of a cute puzzle. 

You need to emphasize the sequence 

If you are describing an algorithm of actions – demonstrate it. If you’re talking about the process – try to show it step by step. This will enhance the text and make a good impression on the reader. 


Diagrams, flowcharts, columns, and objects in Smart Art will help you get rid of long lists and lengthy explanations. 


Ideal for “was/still” texts, comparing results, sales volumes – it’s better to make an infographic. 

You need to evoke emotions

If the reader should feel some emotion at the end, such as an overwhelming desire to enroll their child in a gymnastics course, you can use a series of pictures with sad children who have bad postures from the overuse of gadgets. Our company understands content marketing and knows how best to boost your website and social media. Contact us, and we’ll tell you about your personalized discount on our services