Content Psychology in 2024

2024 has guided in an era where understanding the mind behind content consumption isn’t just advantageous – it’s vital. Content marketing and copywriting are closer to psychology than ever before.

Today’s content isn’t just read – it’s felt. Neuroscience research from MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) suggests that emotionally charged content can significantly increase viewer engagement and retention [Viewer Engagement in Response to Mixed and Uniform Emotional Content in Marketing Videos — An Electroencephalographic Study by Izabela Rejer, Jarosław Jankowski, Justyna Dreger, and Krzysztof Lorenz, 2024].

In 2024, people need clean layouts, relatable language, and the strategic use of visuals. For instance, Canva highlights emerging design trends emphasising simplicity, expressiveness, and immersive experiences that captivate the audience’s attention.

Exploring the Psychological Depth of Content Marketing in 2024.

How to make the content user-friendly?

Embrace simplicity. Break complex ideas into simple parts. Use bullet points and visuals to aid understanding and recall. Edelman’s Trust Barometer report states that trustworthy content has never been more valuable. Authenticity isn’t a buzzword; it’s your currency.

What is authenticity?

It’s building trust through transparency, using credible sources, fact-checking your content, and being honest about sponsorships. Being yourself in content is relevant even for business.

Mastering Content Consumption Psychology for 2024.


With AI’s evolution, personalised content is the benchmark. McKinsey & Company found that personalisation can lead to a 15% increase in sales conversion.

How to personalise it?

Use data analytics to tailor content to individual preferences. Personalised email campaigns, product recommendations, and content suggestions are essential.

Let’s make 2024 the year of not producing content for content but to resonate with your audience’s narrative. Watch leaders and complete it in your style.

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