What Can a Professional Linguist Do for Your Business? Spoiler: It’s Not Only a Translation

Professional linguists are powerful superheroes who can, without exaggeration, make your business a favourite and well-known.

  • By translating your social media platforms, you can introduce your business to other countries.
  • By adapting your franchise to a different region, you can attract investors.
  • Localising your business plan allows you to find partners in other countries and bring new ideas and investments into your business.
3D illustration of a professional linguist as a superhero aiding global business expansion through multilingual support, terminology management, and localization services.
Professional Linguist: The Superhero of Global Business Expansion

But wait, there’s more! We have selected 7 tasks that you can assign to a linguist for the benefit of your business:

  1. Multilingual customer support: Support in various languages builds loyalty and trust and collects honest feedback.
  2. Terminology management: A consistent terminology database across different languages guarantees brand coherence and accurate communication.
  3. Interpreting: Linguists provide interpretation services for business meetings, conferences, negotiations, and other events where language barriers exist.
  4. Consulting: Linguists offer insights and recommendations on language-related matters, such as choosing the right tone, style, and terminology for your content.
  5. Business process localisation: Linguists can localise technical, legal, marketing materials, operational and financial documentation. This allows you to bring foreign employees up to speed and quickly start doing business in another country.
  6. Multilingual content creation: Culturally relevant content attracts and retains customers from different linguistic backgrounds.
  7. Language quality assurance: Ensure the accuracy, consistency, and cultural appropriateness of your translated materials through linguistic quality assurance checks.

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