Do your business like a rockstar

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Do your business like a rockstar!

So, if you wish your business to sound like a top 10 hit song, you need to adhere to these tips:

Take care of how your brand sounds

Content marketing will help you with this. Moreover, good content is like the lyrics of your favorite song. It is remembered and played over and over again.

Adapt your best songs for foreign markets

Just take a look at this notorious example of an ad that made people laugh in Russia and Ukraine in the 90s. The brand “Вlue Water” launched its TV commercial leaving the name of their water sounding like vomit in Russian and Ukrainian. Imagine what the association with such a product was. So it’s important to localize and adapt your website, advertising, software, web applications, social networks, and other content for every new market. Professionally localized multilingual brands become legends.

  • Don’t use phonograms but use only originality, uniqueness, and honesty, both in creating your products and in marketing.
  • Hire only cool specialists who will help you write a symphony rather than a simple song.

We know how to make your brand sound like a hit. Let’s create your music together

In conclusion, the services which can help you in 2021 expand your business to new markets and succeed in your local market too:

  1. translation of your documentation, website, and marketing materials into the languages your clients speak,
  2. content creation and adaptation for different audiences,
  3. optimisation of your multilingual web content for higher ranking in search engines,
  4. preparation of PPC campaigns in different languages. Contact Translators Family today and get these services at competitive rates still meeting the highest quality standards.