How to diversify your blog and attract your audience?

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How to diversify your blog and attract your audience?

To make content more interesting to read, you can enrich it with:

  • life stories,
  • news from your industry,
  • provocative articles that cause discussion in the comments,
  • useful tips,
  • articles with your reflections,
  • insightful texts, etc.

Write not for yourself but write for people. That’s why you should know your audience, especially their:

  • age and gender,
  • region (capital or province),
  • profession or occupation,
  • interests and hobbies,
  • psychological characteristics: character, needs, etc.

Where can you find some data about your audience?

  • Google Analytics.
  • Industry-specific groups in social networks.
  • Forums.
  • Your clients’ profiles.


How to prepare the content that generates profit?

A clear and catchy title

On the one hand, it should be transparent to the reader. On the other hand, the author should remain a reasonable degree of intrigue. For example, “Blog monetization and other ways to earn on your texts”. The audience will be curious to know which ways you share in the article.


The article precisely formulates the problem and its solution

Thereby, the author should try to walk in the reader’s shoes, understanding their worries and fears. “We all faced a situation where we were lack of money, but we only know how to play computer games.” This way, we engage the reader’s attention.


Your article gives answers to possible questions and dispels any doubts

So, it’s important to consider what questions your reader might ask you. How it goes: “You can agree with the client about a payment to your card…” The reader probably wonders: what if he deceives me? The author explains: “If you doubt the honesty of your client, use the online payment service such as…” Do you use this formula when writing the text for your blog?