How is marketing changing right now?

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How is marketing changing right now?

We’ve analyzed the trends that will become prominent in 2022.

Building a community around your brand

Building a society around a product is an incredibly beneficial promotional concept. The key idea of a community is to connect people, share useful information, support each other, look after people. Creating additional value, increasing brand credibility, and nurturing a loyal audience are not the only benefits of a quality community.


AR and immersive technologies

Augmented reality has long ceased to be something new. It continues to evolve and expand, gradually entering our everyday lives. In February 2021, several banks announced that they had adopted this technology, and soon we will see animated advertising posters in their branches. AR-excursions, dress fittings, or even furniture redesign done in your apartment! This immersive technology is sure to develop by leaps and bounds! Consider whether it is realistic to implement this technology also in your business.


Crowd marketing

Imagine a moment when the small effort of thousands of people benefits your global business goals. Reach out to people, ask for their opinion and create telegram channels for discussion and general chat. The power of comments, feedback, and native mentions can be put to great use.


Integration of audio messages and the growth of video marketing

Have you seen how Generation Z and the younger Generation Y communicate? I’m serious! Think about how to integrate audio messaging and video marketing into your work. Analyze rooms in the Clubhouse, plug-in voice searches.



Hire T-shaped employees. McKinsey used this term in the 1980s to describe someone who has excellent professional skills in one area (the vertical T-shaped stick).  Such specialists collaborate with experts in other areas. Moreover, they are able to apply that knowledge in their work (the horizontal stick). That is why it is currently more relevant than ever to work with T-shaped employees and to outsource all non-specialized projects.


The rise of predictive and advanced analytics

The growing ability to collect and store data has given businesses expanded capabilities. Now we can trace patterns and draw certain conclusions about failures. So, we don’t make the same mistakes. Or vice versa – in order to highlight the most successful solutions and repeat them. To use data from the past to predict the future.


Business for fun

We should be engaged in a business that we are passionate about. Only then will we put our heart and soul into it, and this will be apparent to others. At Translators Family, we love creating quality content, so let us convey your passion through ours.