How to order translation services during quarantine?

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How to order translation services during quarantine caused by the coronavirus outbreak

Many people in Poland and many other countries wonder how to order services such as translation when all the offices are closed because of the quarantine. A lot of companies and even government offices allowed their employees to work remotely. The health of people is more important after all.


About Translators Family team

Our translation agency Translators Family with the office in Warsaw was not an exception. Now all our in-house employees work from home. However, this doesn’t affect our productivity and well-organized process. Before becoming a company we had 8 years of experience working as a freelance team of translators and managers. Fortunately, the translation business is quite mobile and usually based on freelance resources. Most of the translators are used to working remotely.

We easily communicate with our clients by email, phone, and messengers. All written translations, except for sworn translation, can be ordered and delivered online. There are even options for sworn translations that imply a hard copy with a stamp and signature. Some sworn translators have a digital signature which is enough to certify translations.


Interpreting during quarantine

Interpreting is another service that may seem impossible in times of quarantine. Actually, remote interpreting is very popular nowadays. You can easily set up a meeting with an interpreter by phone or Skype. Conference interpreters can even interpret for you during an online event.

So no matter where we, translators and interpreters, work from, we will keep on working. Coronavirus is not a threat to the translation industry.


The best time to order translation services is now

Many companies offer discounts now because of the business interruption caused by the pandemic situation. We also announce 15% off for all our services.

Now with us you can cost-efficiently and with high quality accomplish the following important tasks:

  • Localize your website into all popular languages of the world
  • Create new content in English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and other languages
  • Modify your content in all popular languages with our transcreation services, i.e. adapt existing content for new markets or audiences
  • Optimize your web content with multilingual SEO
  • Create and optimize your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns such as Google Ads
  • Prepare sworn translation of your personal and corporate documents, especially if you are planning to open a business bank account, register a company or move to Poland when the borders will be open.
    Stay healthy! We invite you to fill out the form on our websites or just email us at