Top 5 Translation Industry Trends of 2020

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The translation sector is very dynamic

So, new trends are appearing all the time. So let’s have a look at the top five trends of the translation industry in 2020.

The first trend of the translation industry

The first global trend, and the most visible one, is the increasing number of internet users who don’t speak English. Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Cantonese, and Portuguese are all now complementing the more established internet languages of English, German, French, and Russian. Thus, this means that a translation agency needs to expand its offer to cover its clients’ broader requirements.


The second trend of the translation industry

The second trend is neural machine translation, which is becoming better and better seemingly by the day. Translation vendors often apply machine translation post-editing as standard when translating simple documents. However, MT is still far from perfect and it can’t be used for complicated texts, especially ones connected with marketing.


The third trend of the translation industry

The third trend is multilingual SEO. Search engine optimisation is the art of making a website easier to search for by adjusting the text content. Linguists with SEO skills can adapt a translation to maximize your ranking on all major search engines, boosting your profile and saving you the hassle of ordering the same service from a different source.


The fourth trend of the translation industry

The fourth trend is video content. Video is everywhere: social networks, websites, YouTube channels.
Do you want your video content to be seen by clients from lots of different countries? Then subtitling is the service you need, and that’s what professional translation companies also have to offer nowadays.


The fifth trend of the translation industry

And last but not least – transcreation. This translation industry buzzword applies to marketing translation or even a mix of translation and copywriting. Its purpose is to adapt your marketing and website content, ad copy, and slogans for a specific audience.


Whatever trends appear, we can confidently say that the translator is still the entrepreneur’s best friend