Video review rules for all types of business

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Video reviews, live broadcasts, short films are necessary attributes of content in 2021

So, it doesn’t matter who you are – you can convert your business to video format. For example, copywriters can broadcast live or give advice on blogs. Translators can shoot life hacks on how to translate as accurately as possible at home. In the same vein, the merchandise business can give everyday online reviews of its products. We have selected several rules for cool video content.

Make checklists

If you are talking about a product, be sure to tell about the key characteristics. For a smartphone: photo quality, memory capacity, battery power. If you are selling a translation service – talk about which factors impact the price, about working conditions during the lockdown, quality control.


Say prices

People are always looking for cheaper items or services, so the price is the first thing they are interested in. Always be honest and direct about the price. Tell people what is included in the price, explain the conditions for the discount.


Shoot a video in a casual style

You don’t need to use professional editing of your videos, but be sure they are interesting. Advertising should not look like an ad – it is better to shoot a video in a casual style.


Do not hide your emotions

Above all, when a video clip is full of emotions – people want to watch it.


Add subtitles

Most importantly, remember that many people cannot listen to the video – you need to add subtitles. Or contact us. To sum up, we will prepare subtitles for your videos in multiple languages or offer the services of our great voice-over artists.