The Most Meaningful Things You Can Do For Your Business If You Have 2, 5, 15, 30 or 60 Minutes

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Time is the most valuable resource

When business owners contact us, they expect us to help them have more free time for other important activities. We assist them with localization, translation, and proofreading of documentation, content creation for blogs and social networks. But some beginners are not ready to delegate any responsibilities and do everything on their own. For them, we have prepared a small guide that will help structure every minute and spend it productively.

If you have 2 free minutes

So, you can check your business account and respond to a client. Also, you can look at several accounts of competitors and find out what they posted recently. Alternatively, you can check your corporate email.


If you have 5 minutes

You can make a list of interesting topics that you want to describe in articles. Within 5 minutes you can also go to Google Trends or Think With Google and read one or two useful articles. Or you can make an important call.


If you have 15 minutes

Then this is a whole treasure. You can research in Google Keyword Planner the common queries that you can use in your blog post. By the way, you can build the semantic core for your website or blog article. You can think over your plans for a week or a few days. Or you can post previously written material on a blog, or create a great image for Facebook Ads in a graphic editor. You can also check how your current campaign in Google Ads works.


20-30 minutes

20-30 minutes is enough to launch an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram, make fascinating stories, or write an interesting post. You can also think about semantics for contextual advertising and fill the post planner with posts for a week.


If you have 60 minutes

Then you can plan the next few weeks and think over the topics of posts and stories, as well as write a content plan for the necessary photo sessions. You can shoot one video and look for bloggers for collaboration. You can also analyze 10-15 sites before you start localizing your web resource. Or you can read, eat your favorite pizza, play with your children or learn something new if you assign all these tasks to Translators Family.

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