What tips and tricks should you consider to boost your business to the next level by 2025?

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We are at Translators Family share some of our secrets.

New trade ecosystem

A novel approach to doing business is to create a trade ecosystem and swap the D2C trading paradigm instead of B2B and B2C. This means getting rid of all possible intermediaries: creating your own delivery and warranty service, training a personal marketing team, and so on.  D2C – direct delivery of services/goods from the company to the client.



In 2021–2025, we will see a trend towards advertising personalization, which will automatically narrow target audiences to the greatest extent possible. What we need to do, in fact, is to personally and very politely offer our goods at the right time. Therefore, targeted advertising should be set up on the URL pages of your website/blog, which customers visit, or it should be based on the point of interaction with the site (registration, purchase, call). A similar trend affects native advertising from bloggers. For comparison, the average engagement in a blog with 100k subscribers is 1.1%. Average blog engagement from 1k subscribers – 7.2%. You draw the conclusions, guys.


Creating content for people will remain a priority

An autumn report from AdWeek showed that 85% of target audiences make a purchase decision on the UGC (user-generated content): comments, reports, etc. Create content that people want to comment on, repost and discuss. The trends are the same: videos, infographics, games, humor, and tips. Hiring a screenwriter and video editing specialist is already mandatory, as well as bringing a brand to sites with video content. At least on YouTube, and if the theme allows – also on Tik-Tok.


Marketing tips and tricks

Email marketing, which leads to specific pages AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), can help to remain subtle but at the same time lead to sales. This technology is actively promoted by Google. The idea is that the user can quickly perform the targeted action (subscription, purchase) from the letter, without going to the site. A game, a contest, a quest – these solutions increase the click-through rate of the letter, and hence the engagement of users.



Page Experience is scheduled to launch in May 2021. This updated ranking algorithm utilizes artificial intelligence technology. It has many features, but in terms of SEO, the most critical thing is Indexing Page Fragments. Given that Google loves Zero Click, it can be frustrating for traffic, but you’ll have to adapt.

The concept of Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) has been a steady trend over the past two years. Perhaps this is the only marketing tool that will not undergo conceptual changes till 2025. The algorithm is still universal:

  • monitoring of search engines through semantic search systems;
  • working out references (both negative and positive);
  • removal/replacement onegative comments on managed sites;
  • placement of brand materials through influencers;
  • creating a favorable representation by any means available;
  • negotiations with “negative accumulators”.
  • SERM is relevant for companies of all sizes and ages.


What to scan for first of all?

Everything at once. So, if you don’t have a specialist in a particular area. You need to hire a capable professional, either on a freelance basis or start working with an outsourced office such as Translators Family. We investigate the essence of the material and treat each business as our own. Take a look at the offer on our website to order the service you need.