Welcome our fresh new look and brand redesign 🎉

Here’s why we made the change:
😎 Staying up-to-date: Our old branding was showing its age. We wanted a modern look to match our innovative company culture.

😘 Going global and multilingual: As we expand into new markets, we aim for a brand that appeals to audiences worldwide.

😏 Continuous improvement: Just like our services, our branding reflects our commitment to always getting better.

Our new branding is clean, modern, and visually appealing, with a colour palette that pays homage to our Ukrainian roots. Our new logo includes two letters, “t” and “f,” symbolising transformation and translation.

While very much alike, these letters are still different and form a cute face, meaning family and team.

Our new motto, “Go Global with TF,” represents our expertise in cross-cultural communication and providing multilingual solutions.

We’re excited to become a global, multilingual company😀.

You’ll also notice updates to our website and marketing materials, all aligned with our new brand. This fresh look will help us connect with you on a deeper level, showing our dedication to delivering the highest quality services.

Stay tuned — there’s a lot more ahead. ✨