ChatGPT vs. Bard For Translation And Content Creation

Unleashing Creativity and Efficiency: AI Tools for Translators and Copywriters

Today, we’d like to investigate which of these two tools is better to work with. Let’s have a look at the key differences between them. Google Bard uses Google Pathways Language Model (PaLM 2) and can offer responses based on real-time, current events pulled from Google Search, becoming an excellent research tool. ChatGPT uses its…

22 Tips On How To Use AI Humanisation To Get Benefits From It?

AI-humanisation is a brand-new area of linguistics and marketing. AI and AI-related services like humanisation are our future, but AI evokes different emotions among specialists. From the euphoria that now you can make content 10 times faster to the horror that no one will need marketers, translators, or copywriters because now there is a clever magic robot….

Marketing Trends in 2024: The Future is Here

Top 7 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024: AI, Human Connection, Simplicity, and More

In the ever-growing marketing world, 2024 unveils the top trends for marketers. AI-Powered Marketing AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Marketers use it to personalise customer experiences, target ads, and create content. However, despite the AI expansion, human communication remains invaluable, emphasising a blend of technological efficiency and personal touch. Emphasis on Respectful Communication…

Going Global Live 2023

We look forward to meeting you at Going Global Live 2023!

Translators Family will participate in Going Global Live 2023 We are excited to announce that we will participate in the upcoming Going Global Live event on November 22nd and 23rd, 2023, at the ExCeL London! Our team will be at stand G144, where you can discover our wide range of multilingual translation, content creation, and…

Advertising Techniques that Affect Us

Copywriting services that will help you generate leads and sales.

Often, we create texts for landing pages, email ad campaigns, and websites and make our list of techniques that can achieve the most significant impact on the audience. Gratitude effect. People don’t like to feel like a debtor, so we often use lead magnets, gifts, special individual bonuses, guides, or personal offers when writing texts….

Welcome our fresh new look and brand redesign 🎉

We're excited to become a global, multilingual company😀

Here’s why we made the change: 😎 Staying up-to-date: Our old branding was showing its age. We wanted a modern look to match our innovative company culture. 😘 Going global and multilingual: As we expand into new markets, we aim for a brand that appeals to audiences worldwide. 😏 Continuous improvement: Just like our services, our branding…