Sworn translations in Poland go online

Translators Family blog: Sworn translation

Sworn translation in Poland. The current situation with the coronavirus outbreak created new realities for the submission of official documents. Everything went online. Also, sworn translation implies a hard copy of the documents with the signature and stamp of the sworn translator. But did you know that some sworn translators also have a digital signature? That is to say, this signature allows them to certify translations online. The translation with the digital signature has the same legal…

Translators Family in numbers: our successes in 2019

Translators Family blog: our successes in 2019

Numbers speak louder than words Let’s take a look at our achievements of the year gone by. Our annual turnover in 2019 increased by 70% in comparison to 2018. In 2019 we provided translation services for more than 1000 corporate customers. We successfully completed translation projects totaling over 5 million words. To clarify we have interpreted assignments totaling over 5000 hours. Our main achievements We took part in a tender of the European Parliament. Moreover, we won a…

Content Marketing And The Role Of Translation In It

Translators Family blog: Content Marketing

Content Marketing – a tool to communicate with the target audience By publishing your content in new languages you can scale up into entirely new markets of customers. So, content translation levels up for business. But the translation must be prepared with specifics of the new markets in mind. A mere translation is not enough. Content should be understandable and catchy for new foreign customers. Knowing the language alone is not sufficient. A translator should understand the…

How to order translation services during quarantine?

Translators Family blog: quarantine

How to order translation services during quarantine caused by the coronavirus outbreak Many people in Poland and many other countries wonder how to order services such as translation when all the offices are closed because of the quarantine. A lot of companies and even government offices allowed their employees to work remotely. The health of people is more important after all. About Translators Family team Our translation agency Translators Family with the office in Warsaw was not an…

Top 5 Translation Industry Trends of 2020

Translators Family blog: translation

The translation sector is very dynamic So, new trends are appearing all the time. So let’s have a look at the top five trends of the translation industry in 2020. The first trend of the translation industry The first global trend, and the most visible one, is the increasing number of internet users who don’t speak English. Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Cantonese, and Portuguese are all now complementing the more established internet languages of English, German, French, and Russian….

Review of the NTIF conference

Translators Family blog: Forum

Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF) 2019 in Gothenburg During the seven years it has been running, the NTIF conference has taken place in all the Nordic countries, including faraway Iceland. This time, conference participants were invited to Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden. Although promoted as a forum for language industry representatives from the Nordic and Baltic countries, the conference caught my attention too. I was not the only person from Central and Eastern Europe to…